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Mind Mapping & Project Scope Software

When it comes to developing a Project Scope, the use of Mind Mapping software such as MatchWare's MindView can greatly assist in the processes involved. Powered by its superior MS Office integration and 6 interchangeable views, this award winning mind mapping software transforms scope planning sessions into productivity driven sessions.

project scope software

Use MindView to Create Your Project Scope

Use Mind Mapping to create your Project Scope

The Project Scope pertains to the work necessary to deliver a product. Requirements and deliverables are defined by the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Scope planning is the precursor to all of this, dictating how the scope will be defined, verified, controlled and how the WBS will be created and defined.

Mind Mapping and Project Scope

The Scope Statement is an essential part of any project and is used to outline the results the project will produce and the terms and/or conditions under which the work will be performed.

  • Requirements gathering in a Mind Map
  • Convert the Mind Map to a WBS
  • Define the WBS dictionary
  • Export to MS Word

1.) Requirements Gathering in a Mind Map

Fully understanding what a project will deliver is critical to its success. This can include goals, objectives, stakeholder requirements and more. Collaboration is key to this stage, and mind mapping is a great way to visualize the various requirements necessary for the success of the project. By visualizing the requirements in a mind map, project managers, business analysts and stakeholders can easily revise or agree on requirements until the final revision is complete.

project scope template

2.) Convert the Mind Map to a WBS

A Work Breakdown Structure is a deliverable oriented breakdown of a project. It defines and groups a project's work packages (tasks) helping to organize and define the total work scope of the project. Mind mapping software such as MatchWare MindView allows you to quickly brainstorm the work packages and deliverables in a Mind Map, and convert it into a WBS with 1 click.

wbs project scope

3.) Define the WBS Dictionary

The WBS dictionary includes entries for each WBS component. It briefly defines the scope or statement of the work, defines deliverables and provides a list of milestones. Since mind mapping software allows for the creation of the WBS, tools like MindView help users to define the elements of the WBS using a Text Note Editor or Comment field. This further engages team members so that all relevant information is neatly organized respectively to each work package, deliverable or milestone.

wbs project scope

4.) Export to MS Word

Once a user has defined the WBS dictionary, a document needs to be created based on the proposed information. This is typically re-created in a text editor like Microsoft Word. This means a user must capture the WBS information and re-enter the data. Using software like MindView allows a user to export the completed WBS Dictionary to MS Word, creating a polished document with 1 click.

wbs project scope